Company Profile:

Kinetic Property Management is a full-service commercial & residential company specializing in asset and property management. We offer investors the perfect strategy to maximize their return on investments. Our services range from real estate leasing and management to cleaning, notary services, and more. We serve residential properties including condos, houses, multiplex, and apartment buildings as well as commercial assets located in Miami & Miami Beach Florida. 

At Kinetic Property Management, we have a dynamic team ready to serve you with the best and most innovative ways of real estate management. We are committed to efficient data gathering as well as effective reporting systems for up-to-date accounting and performance records. Our goal is to assume all the stress of ownership and hassles of managing a property so you can enjoy your income stream and take the time to look for more investment opportunities. 

Mission Statement:

Our Mission is to provide the finest real estate management services to selected markets and clients by preserving long-term asset value and maximizing the return on investment. We will succeed in our mission through clear and constant communication, maintaining high-quality relationships, and providing personal service. We recognize that up-to-date knowledge of the leasing market is a must and our priorities will be record-keeping, compliance with ALL regulatory requirements (Federal, State, County, City), and efficient marketing while performing all tasks professionally and ethically.

Our Team: 

We're not in Kansas anymore Toto...!!!

Originally from Kansas, Founder and Owner Troy Kurtz holds many types of licenses, and certificates, and has a very diverse background in many fields. Has the skills, knowledge, and ability to get things done and to save you money. Starting at a young age, He has always been an entrepreneur. Looking for a warmer climate and a place where he could stand out and use his multi-talents, and skills, as well as add to them, and help others ...............

  • I am an out of state property owner. After having to go through multiple property managers, I hired Troy Kurtz from Kinetic Property Management. Troy has maintained a consistent level of reliability, insightfulness, and above all honesty/integrity. Troy effectively responded to the various issues that occurred. Past property management used expensive contractors, ineffective communication, and cost me several thousands of dollars due to negligence. Troy continues to reduce my expenses and has delivered an experience second to none. He consistently demonstrates his thorough knowledge of leasing law, best practices, diligence, and resourcefulness. - ST


  • Thank you so much for your assistance and time. You went out of your way to help us and we are truly grateful. While we are sad it didn't work out, we feel confident that there is the right home for us in the Grove. Thanks again for your professionalism. I owe you a bottle of rose! - MA 

What some of our satisfied clients are saying

  • Kinetic has been working for our condo board, which I have been on for most of my 25 years at this condo, for 5 years now. l prefer the streamlined management of a property manager that runs his own company over the bigger companies that require that you go through 2 or 3 individuals in the office, explaining the project or problem 2 or 3 times to each. Mr. Kurtz knows precisely what is going on at our condo, what will need repairs, what we were paying too much for, and is knowledgeable about State Laws & local codes. He's resourceful checking public records going to City Hall and using his sources to get answers. We accomplished more in 3 months with him than we did in three years with our former management company. When challenges arise, our other company was quick to refer us to a specialist or attorney hoping to only collect money and pay bills. Mr. Kurtz does a lot of the work himself as part of his fee, he is generous with his time and when you need an outside professional, he is right there making sure everything runs smoothly and the billing is appropriate. His style is to treat all owners the same and he goes as closely by the book as possible. - BG

With over 15 years of experience in managing real estate, Kinetic Property Management provides unparalleled services to our clients.

​You Own the Property, and We Own the Headaches!!!